The roots of “post-truth”

Posted on Sun 06 October 2019 in Comment

I suppose as technology moves on, Satanists must change their methods of tormenting good people and doing the bidding of the evil one.

That, at least, is all I can surmise from the fact that these days, I very rarely see strings of audio or video tape blowing in the …

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Giles Fraser’s Golden Age

Posted on Mon 25 February 2019 in Comment

Giles Fraser’s recent article “Why won’t Remainers talk about family?” on caused quite a stir on Twitter and elsewhere. There was quite a lot of anger and something of a “pile-on” regarding alleged casual sexism among other things.

Giles Fraser is an intelligent, decent and thoughtful …

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British GPS

Posted on Mon 28 May 2018 in Comment

We understand that the Chancellor has announced that following Brexit, the UK will no longer be part of the Galileo GPS system but will be going it alone. Here is my report from the future on how that went.

London: 9th May 2025

I was lucky enough to obtain a …

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The cancelled Trump visit

Posted on Fri 12 January 2018 in Comment

There are times when one has the strange feeling of being able to tell what many other people will do simply by examining one’s own intentions.

I rarely attend demonstrations: it’s been more than ten years (I think) since I have done so. But I knew very clearly …

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Term time holidays

Posted on Thu 06 April 2017 in Comment

The discussion about today’s Supreme Court ruling on unauthorised term time holidays has mostly focused on what children might miss, or fail to learn, by being taken out of school for a holiday during term time.

What is much more important, it seems to me is what many children …

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Disaster day

Posted on Wed 29 March 2017 in Comment

Disaster day has arrived. I suppose, following the Sun and the Daily Mail I could use a stupid WW2 nostalgic metaphor and call it “D-day”. But D-day was a triumph and this is a disaster.

But - as I wrote at the time of the last “Royal Wedding”, in this country …

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Types of dishonesty

Posted on Mon 06 March 2017 in Comment

Politicians have always tended to be dishonest. It goes with the territory.

Whether the system they operate in is democratic or not, the short term payoff from saying one thing and doing another, or denying one’s real intentions, motivations or personal history will often seem to outweigh the cost …

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Checkmated by evil

Posted on Mon 06 February 2017 in Comment

Trump tweeted yesterday:

Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!

Some people have implied that the “travel ban” was executed chaotically and that this is evidence of poor organisation in the new administration …

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More facts

Posted on Fri 03 February 2017 in Comment

It was widely reported on January 30th that a Saudi naval ship had been attacked by “three suicide boats belonging to the Houthi militias”. An attack on a Saudi ship certainly happened, although the video on the BBC the following day looks more as if it confirms the Houthis’ claim …

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Posted on Thu 02 February 2017 in Comment

The new US National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, has made vague but menacing threats against Iran in a statement that is inaccurate about the past and unspecific about the future - a dangerous and worrying move, but not (in the context of this new Administration) a surprising one.

The following quote …

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